Nokia Store reaches 2 Billion Downloads in India

Nokia Store reaches 2 Billion Downloads in India

Nokia India has announced a significant milestone in its commitment to“Connecting the Next Billion” consumers, to the benefits of internet. The Nokia Store has clocked 2 billion downloads, of which 1 billion are on the S40 and Asha platform. A preferred app store amongst Indian consumers, is growing at a tremendous pace, with over 80 million downloads a month currently.

The Nokia Store client comes pre-loaded on all Nokia S40 devices, Asha devices and the new Nokia Asha 501, delivering one-touch access to thousands of localized, branded and relevant apps.

This growth has also led to providing Indian developers with a robust business proposition. Over 168 Indian developers have already achieved more than one million downloads for their apps, while 3 developers have achieved 100 million downloads, 9 developers have achieved 50 million downloads, 18 developers have achieved 25 million downloads and 40 developers have achieved 10 million downloads.

According to Sari Harju, Director, Mobile Phones, Nokia India, “We are blown away with the success of Nokia store in India. As a company, we are aware that, as consumers evolve, so do their choices and requirements and Nokia has always been at the forefront to deliver experiences that cater to this need. Apps, we believe, are core to this investment. They not only help us supplement our products with an innovative portfolio of solutions but also provide consumers with the choice to personalize their experience. This is a great feat for us and we will continue to work towards truly democratizing services and experience further.”

Nokia is bringing internet to affordable handsets that allow consumers access to the Nokia Store.

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