The culmination of four strong brands into one brand under The Attachmate Group . | My Brand book

Arati Bam
Marketing Head,
The Attachmate Group India  

The year was 1982 when The Attachmate Group was formed. Ever since then, there has been no looking back and it went on to merge and/or acquire strong brands that resonate with customer success and loyalty. An emphasis on what is important has been very integral to the group right from the very start.

A privately-held enterprise software holding company, the principal holdings include Attachmate, NetIQ, Novell and SUSE. Its strategy is to operate as four separate business units that enable it to invest intelligently across the four units. The business units also integrate their solutions sometimes when it requires meeting any specific market demands. Based on the customer requirements, it offers the entire breadth of offerings or can offer robust point solutions to take care of either their short-term or long-term needs.

Being a privately-owned organization gives the Group a unique position as it has less administrative overhead than is required of a public company and can, thus, shift investments away from administration and focus on the areas that bring the most benefits to customers: research and development, services, and other customer-facing functions.

Unique Quotient

The culmination of four strong brands into one brand under The Attachmate Group, gives it a very unique position in the industry. The four entities give customers a “clean line of sight” – a direct link between development and the customer’s point of contact. The power of four brands also gives them the speed, agility and focus to deliver. They have a simple belief – “Big enough to deliver and Small enough to care”. This is what gives them the competitive edge in the industry.

Competitive Advantage

All of their brands offer interoperable solutions and that is what gives them the competitive edge. Their belief is to involve the community at large as People, Customers and Results who form the core of the Attachmate Group. Offering quality products and combining them with exceptional service offers the Group an easy way to conduct business, while giving them the Unique Quotient at the same time. Having the business unit focus gives them the direct line of sight with customers and helps them accelerate decision making. All this enables the company to have a strong customer focus and that is what matters.

Feats Fetched

Brands define who you are and what is your essence as an organization. Today, with the proliferation of digital and social media, it is extremely critical for a company to have consistent and repeatable brand values as the entire community needs to have one single tangible and intangible association and that is the company’s Brand value.

Customers and partners are the strongest influencers for Attachmate and it is they who act as their advocates and champions. For customers and partners to believe in the brand, it is imperative to build a strong brand ethos and establish the connect. And Attachmate does just the same.


Product Suite

* Host Connectivity

* Legacy Modernization

* Managed File Transfer

* Enterprise Fraud Management

* Identity and Access Management

* Security and Compliance Management

* Unified Communication Management

* Enterprise Systems and Application


* Data Centre Management

* IT Process Automation

* Collaboration

* Messaging

* File and Networking Services

* Endpoint Management

* Open Office

* Enterprise Linux Servers

* Software Appliances

* Linux Desktops

Did you know?

* The Attachmate Group that comprises of the four brands is led by Francisco Partners, Golden Gate Capital, Elliott Management Corporation and Thoma Cressey Bravo.

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