WD had been create a benchmark in storage and networking


Khwaja Saifuddin, 
WD’s Sr. Sales director for South Asia,
Middle East and Africa 


Unique Quotient

WD Corp. (WD) is a global provider of products and services that empower people to create, manage, experience and preserve digital content. WD has made a positive connection with the people around with its quality and range of its products. WD has consistently brought the world’s most advanced and innovative products in storage technology to its customers. It has a global user-base and also attracts and employs world-class employees. The brand opens doors for them when developing business partnerships and also affords them a level of trust when dealing with communities around the world.

Competitive Advantage

Achieving stable, continuous growth is only possible when one is able to consistently offer products and solutions that are relevant to the global market, combined with robust after-sales service. As a company, WD has been able to successfully predict and align itself to best serve the market now and in the future.

Feats Fetched

WD prides itself of delivering products and solutions that perfectly suit the needs of customers around the world, whether it is by offering consumers the “power of choice” with its internal hard drives or by offering powerful, yet easy-to-use products that allow consumers to enjoy a “connected life”. Likewise, it offers a range of products that perfectly suit the needs of SMBs and enterprises. So, it focuses on positioning its brand as a provider of world-class products and after-sales service regardless of whether one is a consumer, an SMB or an enterprise.


Product Suite

* Internal Drives for Desktops, Laptops and Ultrabooks

* Enterprise HDDs

* SSDs

* Media Players

* Networking Products

* Personal Cloud Storage Drives


Did you know?

* WD is the world’s first company to manufacture ultra-slim 5mm and 7mm HDDs and hybrid drives for ultrabooks and laptops

* WD provides a special doorstep warranty service WD Express for partners and customers across India

* The WD Velociraptor 1 TB, is the highest capacity 10,000 RPM drive

* The WD My Passport 2 TB is the first ever 2 TB capacity in a portable drive

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