Xerox global revenue comes from its services businesses.

Vivek Chandel
Executive Director – Marketing
Xerox India

Today Xerox India is at the forefront of redefining Business Process & Document Management across businesses – from SMBs to large global enterprises. Recently, Xerox transformed itself into a Services-led technology- driven company, i.e. from being a leader in the printer and photocopier technology to a leader in business processes and IT outsourcing. The strategy is working well for the company and today more than half of the Xerox global revenue comes from its services businesses. The company’s innovation and well-known services make it a cut above the rest.

Unique Quotient

World’s leading enterprise for Business Process & Document Management, Xerox has the most comprehensive product portfolio ranging from desktop printers and multifunctional devices for SME and enterprises to high-end digital presses Graphic Communications industry. The company’s Services business is growing at a fast pace where Xerox has the widest and the most comprehensive suite of offerings. Its Equipment business is driven through a strong channel and supported by the widest portfolio of devices in the industry. These are backed up by Xerox quality, a strong service support network and an iconic brand that is universally recognized and continues to go from strength to strength.

Competitive Advantage

Xerox manufactures and sells a wide variety of office and production equipment alongside a strong and wide services portfolio. All the products and services of Xerox relate to what the Xerox brand stands for – innovation, customer satisfaction and delivering quality and excellence in whatever they do.

Feats Fetched

A pioneer in Document Management Services, Xerox was among the first in the industry to launch Hi-Q LED-enabled printers and showcase revolutionary Solid Ink technology.

Innovations like ConnectKey and Portable Banking Solution are worth mentioning. ConnectKey enables the MFP to do much more than just print, scan, fax, copy and add much more functionality, convenience, productivity through smart and flexibility workflow capabilities. Portable Banking Solution has the potential to expand the reach of banking to the unbanked in a cost-effective manner.

Xerox offers an integrated range of products and solutions as well as consulting services to optimize office document management services, improve productivity, reduce the output costs and create value by making smarter connections between people processes and technology.


Product Suite

* Desktop Printers

* Multifunction Devices

* High-speed colour Presses

* Digital Imaging Solutions

* Services

* Communications & Marketing Services

* Document Supply Chain Management Services

* Managed Print Services

* Document Transaction Processing Services

Did you know?

* Some of the other world-changing innovations like the Mouse and the graphic user interface, the desktop computer and even the internet were conceived in Xerox labs.

* Xerox invented the first laser printer in 1971 – and that it was almost the size of a room and could print 100 pages in a minute.

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