Ever since its first batch, IIM Bangalore has had a rich and illustrious Alumni all over the country and the world.

Ever since its first batch, IIM Bangalore has had a rich and illustrious Alumni all over the country and the world.

Your complete office in the cloud.
Staying in touch even after
graduating from IIMB!

Here’s where it all began in 2004.

Rakesh Godhwani and his

batch mates graduated.

They went their different ways.

And hardly stayed in touch.

The same happened with every

batch starting 1976.

Which was close to 10,000 graduates.
As a result there was no way to get in touch with anyone.
To encourage them to offer support.
Or to host reunions.
Or to discuss ideas.

even to catch up for old time’s sake.
4 years after graduating,
Rakesh decided to look for a solution to this problem.
He adopted Office 365 to get everyone together.
And because it didn’t need on

site hardware, they could begin immediately.
And dramatically scale up every time a new batch graduated.
Without shelling out too much on technology.
Today, Rakesh is connected with an alumni of 7,000 people Which helps in…
Get regular updates on the local alumni chapters Help with mentoring,
coaching, fund raising etc.
Help with campus placements Stay active and involved
with social feeds Networking with multiple
alumni on one screen Using the
world’s best email solution
And Instant Messaging capabilities Keeping in touch via Voice Chat & Group Video…
And using built

in Social Networking features
Thank GOD for Office 365!
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