ISKCON Bangalore is actively involved in multiple social causes in the state of Karnataka.

ISKCON Bangalore is actively involved in multiple social causes in the state of Karnataka.

Your complete office in the cloud.
Strengthening society with a
strong email solution at
Religious institutions today are adopting cutting edge technology to stay relevant with…
A younger more mobile audience Newe r ways of reaching donors Innovative ways to capture attention ISKCON Bangalore began its journey back in 1978.

news/mediation-between-iskcon-bangalore-iskcon-mumbai/ With an aim to promote prosperity and harmony. And as ISKCON Bangalore grew, so did the people working for its cause…
So to keep everyone connected, email access was essential. The IT team started with a simple server installed on their campus…
Which could handle about 300 users…
But with roughly 600 volunteers now online, they found the need to ramp up…
Because of frequent break downs in the server due to the extra load Lack of connectivity No way to bring new volunteers online Delay in getting projects started Resulting in…
ISKCON Bangalore decided to adopt Exchange Online and move mail to the Cloud. And just like that, in less than 2 days they were back online and connected.
With all 600 volunteers connected and the freedom to add more without fear Today, ISKCON Bangalore can do more because of reliability in their email messaging…
Like saving up to Rs.140 per user because of their Cloud based model Save time due to 100% uptime and reduced administration…
And scale up easily whenever the need arises for it.
Making sure that the good work never stops.

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