Best CIO 2015 : K V Jagannath, CEO & MD, Choice Solutions

Big Data Gaining Prominence with rise of e-Commerce Business

K V Jagannath
CEO & MD – Choice Solutions

“Information technology is just made an enabler with Social media driving better customer engagement in all aspects of business and it has become paramount importance in B to C business which has high brand value and commercial worthiness. This has added to existing challenges which were there during conventional or traditional style of conducting business of B to B.
With e-commerce getting its due importance in the corporate and among consumers, as part a consumer strategy many organization patterns are being evolved on a minute by minute basis with millions of choices and big data getting paramount importance, as every customer is looking for his share of personal interest being addressed. Only a handful of organizations with deep pockets and IT as a strategy are able to invest to ensure to meet customer needs. The next big challenge is the skill in the market place that can take the dynamic challenges and with enormous feedback available to convert their respective organization rich in conducting business with proper tools in place……..See More

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