Huawei Transforms traditional network of du

Huawei-Transforms-traditional-network-of-duHuawei and UAE-based telecommunications service provider ‘du’ have jointly launched the world’s first commercial Transport Software Defined Network (T SDN) on the host network. On the T SDN network, a Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) application has been successfully deployed between data centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, transforming the traditional network to a Data-Center based SDN host network.

This innovation by du follows a string of improvements in the region such as the deployment of the first 400G OTN network in the Middle East.

As a leading telecommunications service provider in the Middle East, du has seen a sharp increase in service traffic through big data, leading to new challenges in harnessing this data. By constructing a T SDN network with Huawei, du has achieved accelerated service connections while fully utilizing network resources….See More

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