Most Admired Brand 2016- BARRACUDA

The Game Plan

Barracuda Network’s strategy is to stay unique and offer benefits like none other, which include continuous threat protection, secure storage and cloud solutions and centralized management. What differentiates Barracuda is that its customers find it very attractive when it comes to its licensing policy. Every customer who uses Barracuda always ends up buying more than one technology as the TCO and RoI which it offers are far higher than many of the competition in the market.

Barracuda focusses on customer’s needs and creates innovative products that solve important needs of its customers. It is a single source vendor for security, storage, cloud, application delivery solutions and supports resources with unmatched flexibility in terms of its purpose-built hardware, efficient virtual appliances and convenient cloud services that let organizations deploy IT their way.

Emergence of the Digi-Era

Barracuda Networks offers solutions for two important problems – security and data storage. Both these categories have immense scope in India, especially due to the nature of solutions and the pricing options. The digitization efforts will lead to creation of huge amounts of data. This data will have to be stored and backed up in a way which will allow easy retrieval. Barracuda Networks’ hybrid solution of on-premises backups augmented with cloud-based storage is a great solution for this problem…See MoreMost Admired Brand 2016- BARRACUDA


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