Idea acquires 349.20 MHz broadband spectrum

In the spectrum auction, Idea has successfully completed its pan-India mobile broadband footprint by acquiring 349.20 MHz 4G spectrum for Rs 12,798 crore.idea-acquires-broadband-spectrum

Commenting on the spectrum auction, Kumar Mangalam Birla, chairman, Idea Cellular said,”‘To fulfil our prime minister’s Narendra Modi‘s vision of Digital India, Idea in this auction completes its pan-India wireless broadband footprint. With an aggregate spectrum holding of over 890 MHz (in FDD and TDD technology bands) including acquisition in the current auction of 349.20 MHz, Idea has filled all of its spectrum coverage requirements, while procuring a substantial part of its broadband capacity needs for the next decade.”

“The company will now focus on expanding its wireless broadband presence primarily on4G LTE technology to over a billion Indians while offering world class high speed digital customer experience like never before,” added Birla….See More


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